Sct livewire ts tuner


Active Member
Mar 22, 2020
South Carolina
I bought a sct live wire ts+ to put a tune on my 1996 gt. I am going to get a dyno tune after the engine build break in and I put the supercharger on. I was trying to use an off the shelf act tune until then.
When I tune it, it idles high, like 2500 rpm and then it won’t idle and dies.
When I return it to stock, it idles like it should.
It’s a full rebuild with just idle time on it.
I did put tfs stage 2 cams in it, also lt headers and off-road h pipe and a cai. Also, it’s a PI engine from a 2003 mustang.
At first it smelled like it was running rich, but now it doesn’t.
Any ideas? I’m thinking I’ll just leave it stock until it’s time for the dyno.
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