Seat Swap And Upholstery Quandry

Ichabod Umbra

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Jan 3, 2014
I just picked up a set of "low back standard" buckets from a 92 LX convertible. Everything I've read tells me that Ford essentially used the same two frames for seats from 79-04. You either had the low backs (79-83) or those and GT sport seats after 84 . They just changed the foam and upholstery, right?

I'm sticking these in a 68. I've searched and studied, and everything I read tells me that the 79-93 and 94-04 seats all swap out easily with minor mods.

I'm looking at upholstery and foam to restore the LX frames. I called TMI and the young lady there tells me that only 90-93 LX upholstery will fit LX frames. (Of course, she was putting me on hold to ask someone else my questions, and this was the "tech help" line.)

Sounded wrong to me so I called 5.0 Resto, and the guy there tells me that the 79-93 seats were COMPLETELY different than 94-04, and that you cannot swap them, no way no how because the floors, seat frames and everything else changed in 94.

Oddly enough I have seen numerous swap posts here, and several Mustang mag articles saying that you absolutely CAN!

Obviously the well trained "experts" are no help so my question, oh wise StangNet Late-Model residents, is....Has anyone here recovered LX seats with any other foam or upholstery. I would think that as long as the frame is for a low back standard, then any foam and upholstery for 79-06 low back standard would work. So
if I have 92 seats that I want to convert to 95 foam/ upholstery it should work as long as they have the same frame, yea or nay?
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The difference in the fox seats is the thigh extensions. I think they eliminated them around 1992, but the base model seats do not have them, while the sport seats do. As a result, if you buy the nicer skins for the sport seats, they won't work on the base model seats that usually come on the 2.3L Mustang.

What i'm referring to is this part on the lower cushion that is extendable

And around 1992 it was eliminated

The SN95 seats will bolt into a Fox mustang. I have 99-04 seats in mine. You can use the SN95 seat tracks, but i used fox tracks with my seats. Very easy to get in. The foam is a little different from the standard base LX seats, so if you were to swap the skin over, it would be loose on the sides.
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Ah. Thank you sir.

That upholstery that you indicate above is exactly the type I'm looking for since the pattern is very similar to the back seat of my 68. I see what you are talking about, and it is available for my frames from TMI.

What I didn't realize was that the 92/93 frames were different than the previous sport seat. I didn't know the lower bolsters were eliminated after 91. My GTs were 87 and 90 and I just assumed that Ford had used the same sport seat for the entire fox GT run.

Dumb on me. Weird that they would drop that and use the LX frames in the GT just for those two years.

I appreciate it.
GT Frame Break down goes like this
83 - stand alone year - no leg lumbar
84-86 - 26" high at the shoulder with halo headrest and leg lumbar
87-89 - 26" high at the shoulder with large padded headrest, and leg lumbar
90-91 - 24" high at the shoulder with a small padded headrest and leg lumbar
92-93 - 24" high at the shoulder with a small padded headrest and NO leg lumbar. (which share the same frames as the LX seats from 1981-1993)
94-04 - the front bucket frames can be interchangeable, they are not exactly the same, but foams and upholstery can swap. the rear seats, however are completely different.
99-04 - Cobra, Bullitt, GT, Mach 1, or V6 all had the same exact frames, front and back - only difference would be the IUP headrest on the special editions.
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only thing I will add is 89 LX Vert uses 26 in GT style seat with leg lumbar and back lumbar bladder and large headrest....
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