selling values?


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Feb 11, 2008
hey guys i just wanted to ask, what is the average value of a 2.3L (NON TURBO) stang? i have my 93 hatch posted in the classifieds its a florida car, awesome body, runs and drives but needs a tuneup and tlc. im not really seeing any 2.3's for sale, i posted mine for 650 OBO. can i get some honest answers on what they are going for? obviously 90% of them are going to be swapped with a turbo or v8... i just want to know cause it doesnt seem to be drawing any buyers? thanks
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More details or pics of the car would help, but...beyond that, I would think somebody would buy the thing for $650. Dunno what to tell ya there. :shrug:

Also I bet ya it's way less than 90% that get swapped...I see a whole lot of completely stock 2.3's being driven around as daily beaters.
??? im not trying to sell it in "here" i was asking a question in the section where people know about the 2.3 and its value. i already did post in classifieds, thanks
Kelly Blue Book

I looked my value up online and Kelly Blue Book's site. My 1991 2.3L with all of it's options (hatchback, power everything, no sunroof, no A/C) with 250,000 miles in what I would say "good condition" for 2007 valued at $1600 U.S. dollars. My mom's Taurus a 1995 with 110,000 miles, power everything, leather interior, was worth only $500. Interesting how the Mustang is still worth more. Hope this helps.