Seminole County Mustangs, FL


Apr 5, 2005
I started a thread in 5.0 talk.
To make a long story short(check the long story in 5.0 talk) I called and ordered a T-5 for a 1989 mustang 5.0 along with the crossmember and slip yolk. I was shipped a wrong T-5, wrong slip yolk and wrong crossmember.

I tried for a week to return it and no one contacted me. Then I finally got through and they hung up on me.
Today I got an email saying because I ordered the wrong parts there is no refund because the parts are not defective.
They are at fault but I have to pay for it.
Seminole County Mustangs
2867 stonewall place #101
Sanford, Fl. 32133
(407) 538-7786
They sell stuff on ebay thats where I found them.
So far im out $580.
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They are unbelievable. They sent me the wrong parts and tell me its my fault. Im going through small claims court with it. What I dont understand is why would they not take the parts back?