Setting Timing

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OUFan22 said:
I'm trying to set the timing on my 302 but I can't see any timing marks. I have cleaned the harmonic balancer as good as I can. What do I do?

pull the #1 plug and bump the motor over until you feel the preasure start to build against your finger. Pull the valve cover on the #1234 side of the motor and slowly rotate it over by hand until both of the valves for #1 are closed, that shoud be verry close to TDC shoud also be able to see the piston at the top of the deck through the plug hole. Mark the balancer, get some timing tape!!!
chalk also works well on the balancer, rub it on and get it in the timing marks well, then rub the excess off with your finger so it only stays in the timing marks. this is a temporary patch. i used a mr. gasket timing tape kit and cant be happier. u could read timing from 100 miles away i think :)
Kind of related

I was working on my new engine and called the builders for timing info.
Kim says don't time it at idle, it should be 35 degrees at 3500 rpm ..
Works for me, but I had never heard of that before.
How bout you guys?
krash kendall said:
White eyeliner pencil does the trick as well, and being an oil-like base it even goes on a dirty balancer. Ask your girlfriend/wife, mom, sister or whoever for any light colour.
Or, depending on what you do in your own spare time, go and dig into your own purse and get your eyeliner :rlaugh: j/k