shaking and squealing when clutch disengaged mustang


New Member
Mar 3, 2010
just as the title says when i press down the clutch pedal to disengage the clutch the car starts to shake violently and has a very loud squeal. Now since i had the car the to bearing has squealed but now with the shaking the car is undrivable. any ideas would be great.
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Could possibly be that the TOB has finally eaten itself alive.... could be.

If it's worse than that, (i.e. pressure plate has come loose), then you need to stop driving it immediately and tear it apart to be sure.

Either way, it's going to have to come apart to be fixed.

Under my worst case scenario... there could be some galling or scraping inside the bell housing (since you've not reported parts falling out of the car yet :rolleyes: ). The potential exists to do real (read: EXPENSIVE) harm though.

Only pulling apart will tell for sure. It's the part you mention about "violent shaking", that is of most concern. I guess it's relative to what you consider to be violent.

You can get a decent amount of harmonic vibration by pressing a siezed TOB up against a spinnig surface but VIOLENT shaking sounds to me like something heavy is not secure in there.