Shelby roll bar in 67


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Sep 12, 2004
I am thinking of installing a Shelby roll bar in my 67. I like the looks and having a better seat belt also. Anybody done this. I can buy the bar but what about the seat belts? Thanks John
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I'm thinking of doing the same for my fastback. I plan to weld a threaded bung to the bar and mount a modern three-point retractable seatbelt to it. That way it would be out of sight when not in use and easier to use than those stock, center-buckle belts.
I haven't been able to get a close up look at them or the bar. Its covered isin't it. Will the covering come off so you could modify it and still have it look nice?
I'm not sure if the repro's are covered, but they're pretty inexpensive, so I doubt it. If they are, then the cover went on somehow, so it should come off. If they are not covered, then they are a bolt-in, so you could take it to an upholsterer and have a nice cover made for it. That's my plan, hope it works!
That is a little spendy. Seems like I've seen them somewhere for under $200, but I can't remember where. If they are covered with the rubber like originals, they had to do it after it was bent. I'd be interested to know if it could be taken off as well as if it has a bare spot where original seat belts mounted in the center, over each seat.
I have considered a Shelby roll bar for my '70 as well. I've heard that they don't provide rollover protection, however. Does anyone know of a vendor that sells a real rollbar that looks like the Shelby and will also make the car safer?

I've considered that an alternative could be making one or having it made, and then having it covered with leather or something. That way it could be made plenty strong, and should still look good.
I suppose the need for a bar depends on a person's intended use for the car. For me, I hate the hard-to-use and uncomfortable stock belts and I think the shelby-style bar would be more than strong enough to mount retract belts to, yet not stick out like a sore thumb in the interior of the car. I need unrestricted access to the back seat, also and since the shelby bar bolts to the floor and the roof and tucks in nicely. If I were planning on using the car for track-duty or something, I'd probably look at a more substantial bar, since you're right about the lack of "real" crash protection.
I called mu today. It is foam covered with the mount welded for the belts. They do not offer the belts to fit the bar. They do have a 3 point belt kit to retrofit. The cost is $240. for the pair. They say you have to drill new holes. You can see it online at their website. The part number 300beltblk for black.
There are two types of rollbar, thin/light cosmetic ones that will provide chassis rigidity and SOME rollover protection, and heavy/thick ones that are intrended for crash protection. The ones that Shelby made on the 67/68s were of the first variety. They are not recognized by NHRA or SFI, but they are better than nothing in a crash/rollover.

I have the Autopower bar (firt type) welded into my vert, and have researched the use of shoulder harnesses, I prefer the retractor but a "Y" is the easiest and safest. Most rollbar mountings for safety belts will connect to a crossbar not to the top. This arrangement prevents "submarining" and is the only way to meet track safety requirements, I do not know about DOT ones. Without a retractor you will not be able to reach the headlights or turn the key, even the shifter might be an issue. But the retractor ones (OEM Shelby style) do not have the excellent modern-style inertial locks, so their safety is MUCH less.

I am very interested in seeing what you guys come up with, I still want shoulder belts of some kind.
67FBSCODE said:
I called mu today. It is foam covered with the mount welded for the belts. They do not offer the belts to fit the bar. They do have a 3 point belt kit to retrofit. The cost is $240. for the pair. They say you have to drill new holes. You can see it online at their website. The part number 300beltblk for black.
I should have said the retrofit kit is not made for use with the Shelby bar. It fastens like any other auto retract belt.
Edbert said:
That kits is a single shoulder only belt. The 67 Shelby had dual shoulder belts. I have yet to find a kit like that.

Yes you are right. That is all I really need. I'm just afraid that later I will wish I had bought the rool bar.
Is there no place to get the dual shoulder shelby belts?
I put one in my 67 shelby clone, I think I got it from branda or mustangs plus. It isnt coated , just black gloss, it looks awesome.
Dont forget this is a 4 point rollbar, there are 2 other short tubular pieces that mount to the inner wheel well.
no seatbelt attached at rollbar.
Are those attached welded tabs or something?

I figured If I wanted shoulder harness, I could allways wrap the belt around the bar and slide the adjustment clip tight around the bar.
shelby roll bar shoulder belt retractor set up

New here but will try and add what i know. I'm an olderguy and had a 68 gt500kr when you could buy one for less than a house. The 67 shelby retractor was different as was the Y belt associated with it. The 67 Y belt was one piece and went right back into the retractor. Shaped like an upside down Y. The belt also came out laterally and was not centered in the rubber boot which covered it ,where it came out of the retractor which is connected to a plate welded to the roll bar. The 68 / 69 / 70 set up was a different critter. The Y harness separated from the retractor belt coming out of the retractor by 2 chrome pieces. The one on the Y harness is a slotted female buckle and the one on the retractor is a male piece which fits into the female piece. Like I said I had a Gt500Kr when I was young. Couldn't afford a real one today , so I am making a restomod version out of a 67 fastback and was lucky enough to obtain a complete 68 shelby rollbar, with Y belts retractors , front and back lap belts , even scored the mounting bolts. There is a lady named ramona at who sells a 67 version . Not exact by any means , the original belts while being black webbing are a 5 band herringbone pattern , her's are a 10 band. She doesn't have a 68 set up but the ones in her website are not correct metal pieces , similar though. The 68 setup I have isn't on the car yet and I am contemplating taking it down and having the metal pieced fabricated , I have found a source for the correct 5 band black seat belt webbing. Just trying to find a retractor that will fit under the rubber retractor boot , the rubber boots are available from several sources such as Tony Branda , Mustangs Unlimited , etc. They also have the rubber coated roll bar though I haven't seen one of theirs up close. Anyone who knows a source for a replacement retractor and we're on our way. I was told it was the same as a 69 corvette shoulder retractor , but I bought a replacement one for a 69 corvette and it wouldn't fit under the original boot retractor cover I have. Guess we could have someone make a boot cover to fit the 69 corvette replacement retractor. Let me know any info or ideas you all have on this.
Thanks [email protected]