shift kit


New Member
Apr 4, 2005
Ottawa, Ontario
Hi people. I'm getting some 3:73's installed on my AOD(89). I was going to go with a transgo shift kit. I gor a price of 540.00 installe. Is it worth it ? Sould I wait to see how it feels with the new gears before I make a decision ?

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I'm trying to make the car a little of both. The transgo shift kit is a 3 stage. I will be setting it on the second stage which was recommendes with the 3:73's. I sopped around yesterday and found a transmission shop in Ottawa who will install the shift kit for 135 dollars(labor only).

The funny thing is when you start modding your car, it becomes a sickness. You always say I'm not going to do anymore, but you can't get rid of the itch. :canada: