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I found the J mod instructions very unclear. Find a good tranny shop whos done this before. I have a trannsgo. Its awesome.

I'd get gears and a chip first though. Changing the shift firmness with a chip gives a massive improvement, and the 4.10s and tune make the auto WAY WAY WAY quicker.
Where'd you get the transgo kit and how is install?? What does it truly do just make engine shift faster or holding on chip and going to save for predator:D I think
I don't have the Jerry Mod either, I just have a shift kit installed aswell. On the TCCOA site under the "shift kit" section, he gives a link to a site to buy the Trans-Go kit which is supposedly cheap :shrug:

My car was getting the transmission rebuilt so I had a kit put in mine, didn't even look to see what he charged.
I've got the JMod done to mine. The instructions are a bit unclear if you've never had one of these things apart before, but it's not too bad. I'll let you know how well it works this summer. My car also has other drivetrain mods like gears and a torque converter, so it may skew the results a little. :D
I've had the transgo in mine for about 15 000 miles and no problems. The transgo generally gets bashed around here but I had done a lot of reading on the 4R70W and the J-mod and I found that the instructions were a bit unclear.. So I decided on the Transgo and had it professionally installed.
JTAM963 said:
EVERYONE tells me to get a shift kit...where can YOU buy one and how is install and all?? I'd rather self install cause labor prices suck bigtime..any HELp???
I wouldnt do a shift kit per say, but many will say to perform the J.MOD as it's recommended by a ford transmission specialist. I adjusted mine via sct tuner to firm them up, but I would've done the j mod myself if a kit was the only choice.:nice:
My friend has done tons of installs, so I had him do it. The shifts were already dramatically improved by the chip/tuner though. After the install of the shift kit I bark the 2-3 shift, before it was only the 1-2.

IMO Get the tuner first, then 4.10s. Do the 4.10s before anything else. The 4r70w needs them.