Shocks& Struts, How long do they last?


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Aug 31, 2001
I recently bought an 89 Coupe. The Runs great no leaks clean interior,but the previous owner told it needed shocks and struts bad. I tested the car out and everytime we went over a small bump or hole i hear this clunk in the rear and sometimes in the Front , Kinda like it bottoms out.

I was reading through the records of the car and found out that they were replaced back in 98, when the car had 110,XXX miles. Now it has 171,000 miles.
they are probably stock replacements.

I want to get them replaced with stockers for now.
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Lifespan depends on how hard they were used, how rough the roads are and the quality of the parts, even the enviornment they are used in. Look for leaks coming out of them. and bounce the car at each corner. If it makes the noise have a friend look under it and tell you where its coming from. Jack it up from under the A-arm and under the rear control arms, slowly to see if anything snaps or pops. My guess would be sway bar bushings are making the noise, but your shocks/ struts could be gone too. The sway bar bushings are easy to replace, but get some good ones. Cheap ones wear out quick.

When you bounce the car it should stop moving after 1 1/2 bounces or less. If it bounces 2 times after you stop bouncing it, replace the shocks or struts. As I said, check at each corner.
I tried to bounce the car

In the front corners they feel normal and no bounce at all when push on them they just go back up slowly.

the back ones do the same but i can hear a clunking noise even from outside when i push down on the rear of the car. the noise comes from the passenger side.

I haven't had time to check it. but tomorrow i will.

The clunking is coming from the strut mounts. They clunk when the are bad. They are sometimes called bearing plate.

In the rear it could be that the hole where the bolts goes through may be worn out or the rubber part on top is worn out.

Either way replace them if they clunk.
Like the guys said, it depends on too many variables to count. for example, I still have the original shocks and struts in my car from 91. It only has 40K miles on them though.

If you plan on racing it, you may want to check into some 70/30 struts and 50/50 shocks for the rear. help out with the weight transfer at the track.
I just checked the rear shocks right now.

the passenger side shock moves slightly up and down when i push on the car.
this happens at the part where it connects to the diff.

it looks like its loose , can that cause some noise???