Should I get Mechanical or Electric gauges?

John Smith

New Member
Dec 3, 2005

I am going to be purchasing an oil pressure gauge and a water temperature gauge soon, and was wondering if I should get mechanical or electric. The guy who works on my car suggested I get mechanical for the Temp. gauge, but didnt say anything about the oil pressure gauge. What do you guys think? I am leaning towards mechanical for both, since I believe I remember hearing that they are supposed to be more accurate.

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I don't have gauges in my car, besides factory, but hopefully whenever I have the money to do serious engine mods, than I will go electrical. I do research for a living so I work with mechanical and electrical guages all the time. I would prefer electrical gauges b/c of the simplicity. It is a lot easier to run wires than tubing. As for the accuracy, I don't know about automotive gauges, but most gauges used in industry and research are going to electrical b/c of the improved accuracy. I don't think accuracy would be a huge problem with automotive gauges. If the guage is off by 1psi or 5 degrees temp. it isn't really going to matter that much.

Anyway, just my 2 cents worth. Hey, I am bored at work right now, just had to type something:D
I used a mechanical water temp gauge and a mechanical vacuum/boost gauge in my old v6. I used the mechanical water temp gauge because it was a full sweep gauge (im not a fan of the short sweep gauges) plus the accuracy. I also loved the fact that there were no wiring or dependent upon senders, it is just plug and play. It also worked when the car was off. I used the mechanical boos gauge because it is a lot less expensive and not much harder to run a small plastic tube from the engine bay to the gauge. It worked great. I had them in my car for 4 years and had no problems with breaking tubes. I would not get a mechanical oil pressure gauge for the fact stated above. I don't want oil in my car. Just my $0.02.