sick AODE

Good morning all,

Another AODE is starting to shimmy and sllllliiiiiippp. Anyways I live in New Port Richey Florida and am wondering if anyone knows a good rebuilder in the area.
I am also wondering if buying an Art Carr, Lantech or PA and doing myself would be cheaper or give better results.
Anyone with experience please give me your opinions.

Thanks in advance,

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Depends on your goals with the car and transmission... you plan on adding a significant amount of power in the future and racing the car? Or are you going to leave it basically stock as it is now?
A "mild" much power and torque are you looking for? That's the main issue here.

Quite honestly, I'd discuss your goals with the lead tech at a reputable local shop and see what they can price up for you. I paid $1900 for a full rebuild of my AODE with top of the line "race grade" internals, and also installed a $600 Edge Racing torque converter. The shop claims that my AODE should now be able to hold up to 650hp/650lb/ft.

They said they could give me a "factory" rebuild, including a stock style torque converter, for $1000 out the door.

I'd imagine you could piece something together somewhere between those price extremes.
4.2 truck is in production now.

Windsor sources are
3.8L, 4.2's, 1998-2000 5.0 exploreres.

ANY 3.8 from 1994 to know will have the 4R70W, I suggest you find one that is 1999 or newer though, as they have all the best internals - if you find an early model one, not a big deal - just update the internals - easy stuff.