SLP Ludmouth and Magnapak Video..


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Dec 18, 2004
Albuquerque, NM
SLP Loudmouth and Magnapak Video..

Hey all - I haven't posted much on here but I thought you all would enjoy a comparison video of the SLP Loudmouths and Magnapaks.

Here is a couple things I mentioned on another forum...

1. Magnapaks seem to have a more deeper sound than SLP's, even at WOT.

2. SLP's are definitely louder, especially at WOT.

3. Magnapaks and the SLP's both have drone around 1900-2000 rpms; Magnapaks seem to have more drone than the SLP's and the SLP's seem go away fairly quick.

4. I like the looks of the SLP's tips much better than the Magnapaks.

5. SLP's cold start up's are extremely LOUD.

6. Magnapaks are deeper at crusing speeds than the SLP's.

Overall, I think the both are definitely an aggressive exhaust with great sound. SLP's are definitely more agressive than the Magnapaks. However, Magnapaks have a nice deep tone compared to the SLP's. You be the judge...

SLP and Magnapak Video

Cheers_Jay :nice:
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Put the SLP LM on my car last week. simply awesome! Love the "cold start" loud you speak about. Wish they sounded that way all the time. I've become an attention whore with these along with the awesome car they're hooked up to. :nice:

Thank you Cleveland for your soundbite. It helped make the decision for me! :D

5. SLP's cold start up's are extremely LOUD.

Yeah you got that right. I leave for work at 5:30 am and I cringe kinda when I start her up. I have to start the pony up with the garage door shut. I don't think it helps (maybe a little). I don't wanna wake anyone up. I am impressed with the loudmouths sound on the freeway it gives off a great growl when the gas pedal is barely touched. :nice:
I think SLP's sound a bit better too...... but without mufflers, (which are required in some states by law), you would fail a "visual" inspection instantly. I think the Magnapack system is the best/loudest sounding exhaust with mufflers.
I kinda like the low growl of the magnapaks myself im thinking about that instead of the slp which is alittle bit too high pitched.. even tho it is louder.. louder isnt always better, the sound is more important, but thats just me
Those SLPs sound horrible exactly like my neighbors old truck If you like that sound, I bet you could save yourself alot of money and just cut off the mufflers and it would sound exactly the same-

Bassani/Magnaflow- they sound more refined smoother like somebody spent some money on the car

SLP=cherry bombs/ straight pipe but to each there own I was playing the video and my wife asked what was wrong with the car with the SLP she thought it was broken
Hey all thanks for the great response. I thought I would chime in now considering I've had the SLP's on for about a month now.

Let me tell you - I love this setup. It is perfect for someone who does not want to spend a lot of money and still get a great sounding exhaust. They are not too loud.

I have been to car shows, dealers, and places in town with many mustangs and everyone always comments how great the exhaust on my car sounds.

I do agree that running an aftermarket x pipe might make the SLP's a little too loud; however, if you just want a simple axle back with great aggressive sound SLP's are the one. Even my wife loves them and believe me if they were too loud she would say something.

Good Luck Fellas_Jay :nice:
Just had a listen to that video...SLP sounds better to me....and what's all this refined talk...if you want refined buy an Aston Martin're driving a Mustang bitches...leave the refinement to the English :lock: