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Feb 15, 2006
Ok got home this morning turned off my car and turned it back on; a loud schreeching sound was heard and all of sudden i smelt burnt belt. Turned off the car and found my belt on the ground ripped , checked around and found the smog pump pulley is locked. My car had been making a rattling noise for the past couple days this must have been it. What should i do, replace it, delete it and please explain how to do this, thank guys:flag:
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some will say delete it others will say replace it. I was going to delete mine untill some people who have alot of knowlage on here said it makes no diff in power. But since yours is effed and you need a belt already I'd say delete it and plug the holes on the H-pipe were the lines go.
You're from california, last thing you want to do is delete it. When operational, the smog pump pully has virtually almost no parasitic draw. If you're broke, shortbelt around it for now, however, def replace it, it's a 20 minute swap, and will save you a lot of grief in the long run.
If you dont have emissions and no cats, you could delete it (for off-road use only. ;) ). If you have either of those though, I would get a new one. Parts stores have reman'd units for under 50 (that might be the same price of cheaper than a delete pulley even).

IMHO its parasitic drag does not make an appreciable difference in power on a driver.

Good luck.

EDIT: Jeremy posted while I was pecking.
getting ready to pull mine off (CA car) moved to OH = No smog. Not for any other reason except I bought an engine that had a computer with it with a custom chip burned to tune-in/not give then CEL when no smog attached. I will let you know when I get done the swap they shouldn't be too much at the parts store either, and you get a warranty there. Your choice. Just looked. $39.99 with $10 core at Autozone + 1 year warranty--can't beat that wth a stick.
The exact same thing happened to me on saturday(except I was racing an R6 when it happened haha), but especially if you gotta pass emissions you need to replace. It's only like $30 and there is really no difference in power. It's real easy to replace also, just two bolts, remove the rubber hose, then swap in the new one.
It will be almost as easy to replace it, $39 from Autozone, and put a stock length belt on than to buy a short belt now, then a stock belt and pump later.

Just did this to my 79, orig smog pump, last month. 266000 miles.
There's an interrim solution that might work for you.

Remove the smog pump from the car and take off the 4 bolts around the back side of the drum and start prying it apart. It is an eccentrc cannister inside with 2 vanes that flutter up and down based on a peg that goes through their middle.

Now what happens is the eccentric drum has to pass a very tight space on one end of its travel. Well, the drum corrodes and the surfaces sort of fuse together.

So you can either
1. pry it apart and sand down the inside a bit and reassemble (silicone it a bit for some extra lube)
2. If you're lazy then just smack the face of the pulley with a mallet to shock the innards and knock it all loose (hey, its broken anyways, what more damage could you do?), disconnect the air feed tube at the top and pour oil/silicone/your favorite lubricant inside and idle it for a few minutes like that. This will make an amazing mess as it slings oil out the air tube but you dont have to replace the pump this way. Then reconnect the air tube when you are done. I've saved 2 air pumps this way.
Replace it. There's no real advantage to deleting it from a street car. They're cheap! It would cost you half the price of the pump to purchase just a shorter belt. LOL
$uperstang said:
Went to Murray's: Goodyear gatorback belt $38
Went to Napa: Same belt $44

Well guys just bit the bullet and went ahead and bought another smog pump from kragen for 44 w/core plus a gator back belt for 38. Install was easy and the car is running smooth again. I appreciate all your input guys you helped me alot.
I guess the paresitic loss isn't enought to ditch the pump and the smog thing in cali got me thinking. THe belt would cost me almost as much as the pump so i just did it right once instead of spending more later.:SNSign: :flag: