sn95 brakes


Sep 16, 2007
Bellingham, WA
I have an 89 5.0 LX and its been lowered about 1.5 inches. Im going to buy a running and driveable 94 Gt with some body damage and wiring problems next weekend for $1,800 and my plan is to swap the brakes onto my 89 fox then sell the engine and trans from the 94 gt. So far the extra things that i know i will have to buy are:

1. (87-93) 31 spline 5 lug axles (want to keep stock track width)
2. adjustable proportioning valve
3. new e-brake cables
4. new CCplates (i need them anyway)
5. sn95 balljoints
Ill use the rims and tires off of the 94

Along with the 94 gt does this sound complete or is there something else i'll need

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