snake wont start

Went to get my 98 cobra out of storage today and the damn thing wont start. All she does is turn over but wont fire. Ive ruled out everything except for fuel, I believe that is where my problem is. Its not the anti-theft system. When you turn the ignition you dont get the typical priming noise we're all familiar with. Im betting that either the relay or pump itself has failed. Has anyone had this problem before? Does the fuel system have its own fuse and if so can I get somebody with a owners manual to tell me which fuse is resposible? Hanes manuals are worthless when it comes to fuse blocks. How can I test the relay and pump short of pulling then and replacing them. I hate to waste that much time if Im not sure. Also, should I bother with the emergency fuel cutoff?

I know the problem must be related to the fact that the car hasnt been started in several months because it ran flawless previously.
Which fuel system component is likely to fail under these conditions?

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Jun 8, 2000
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seven12seven said:
I will def check that but I would be baffled if it somehow got tripped, but its worth the trouble
it just trips out (rarely) if you have it sitting for awhile, It happened to me on my 98 GT before

it's just a quick push of a button rule out if it's the problem


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Jan 26, 1999
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seven12seven said:
its not anti theft, ruled that out

ive got spark as well, Ill check the fuel cut off tomorrow but can somebody with an owners manual please tell me the related fuses and locations

ok how did you rule that out. is the light flashing. if not then move on to other reasons why the pump is not activating.

look at the fule pump relay and the fuse after you check the inertia switch.