Sneaky it worth it?

Oct 10, 2006
i wanted to get one because it's cheaper than other nitrous systems and i just want it for that little kick...and maybe scare ppl witha purge...hahahaha....i have a 2001 GT the only mod is a K&N it hard to install??
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sure, but at the price why not just get a real nitrous setup?

being from the DSM world, a "Sneaky Pete" setup does two things:

1) it is a small amount of nitrous that basically helps cool the air charge sometimes even below ambient temperatures

2) aides in spool/lowering lag times and gives a little power before full boost hits.

alot of the guys with moderately sized turbo's ran it during the whole rpm range, while those with the high end turbo's set it to turn-off at a certain boost level or rpm.
I have been thinking about it too, but only because I bracket. Im not looking for faster ET's, I just need a little insurance. Say I have a bad 60ft or I am a little late/early on a shift and got out of my powerband. I want a little something that I can spray after the 1000ft mark just in case I lost a few numbers from those mentioned incidents. Other than bracket racing I dont really see a need for it.