Sold 92 Corvette for my bros 94 gt convert

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I actually didn't like my corvette too much. It was the first year of the LT1 in the C4 chassis, and it claimed 300hp, I had corsa exhaust, K&N tripple air intake and a chip in it and it was a 6 speed, but punching it in first gear, wouldn't spin the tires all that much (With TC turned off!) This mustang seams to spin the crap out of them when I do that. They claimed on the corvette forum, that if I knew what I was doing at the track, I could get mid 13's from it, but who knows. (A new model LS1 beat me )

Oh and the targa top on the vette was a PITA, it would take 4 allen screws to take the thing off, and it took all i had to stick the top in the trunk. I like pressing a button better, call me lazy!