Sold my truck and have 5K to spend

What to buy??
I want to install a procharger stage 2 S/C. will I need to change the TB and plenum?

I know the kit is $3995.00 from RPM outlet but I will need to get tires and because of the 4.10s traction will be an issue.

Do you guys recommend Mickey Thompson E/T streets?

Or should I skip the S/C and go with N20?

Let me know your opinions.

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May 20, 2005
i'd go w/the procharger kit if that's what you want.. you're gonna spend nearly all of the $5k if you get the KB and then you wont have money for tires or anything.. i wouldnt go nitrous if i had the chance to get a supercharger.. i think that the procharger kit is a great kit, good power gains.. i would stick w/the procharger and get some diff wheels/tires for the track if that's what you're gonna be doin.. :D


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Apr 29, 2004
Procharger would be a great choise...almost everyone i have seen that have went with teh 9 PSI KBs on stock SBs have lost their engine after not too long...I hear MUCH less about procharged cars loosing their bottomends....however i have heard that the prochargers are burning guy in our town was running 14PSI on the stock SB, he ran it for 3 months (this guy drives like a mad man and would basically race a grandmaw with 3 children in the backseat) then he burned a piston. Basically too much heat, another guy at the track said the same thing about the prochargers. IMO go with the best intercooler they offer, that should eleminate any heat problems and keep it to 400-420RWHP max and you should be ok.