some pics of the new car +others (56k run away)

Well, as some of you know I replaced my totaled out '95 cobra with a '94 GT vert. I wanted some opinions. I'm changing the carpet and seats out. I know I'm getting black seats...but do you think it'd look better with black carpet or red carpet? I'm also making a black rear seat delete.

Here's some pics of the car... I know, I's got cobra emblems...the previous owner put them on. I ordered some "GT mustang" emblems when I ordered my headlights and fuel pump...but apparently they're on backorder so it's gonna be a sec before I get those on.

ALSO: I know the nitrous bottle is not mounted like it should be. Fact of the matter's easier to get the bottle out like that and I personally think it looks better. I've had no problems with the siphon tube not getting the nitrous out so I think it'll be should be at enough of an angle to somewhat counteract the siphon tube running away from the nitrous oxide.

I've got a ton of work I've got to do with this thing...and don't mind the bug guts on the front (mainly that biggg yellow spot on the's not paint peeling, haha)...I went up to Lexington, SC for a carshow and it was a decent drive. I also need some new weatherstripping:


Porno-red FTW


I didn't want anything too two little E10s found their way into the does what I need it to do. It's powered by a little alpine M650 (I think that's the model number)


Andddddd, this will be finding it's way under the hood as soon as I blow the stock motor :nice: It's a 331 with 8.5:1 CR with 3500 miles on it. It was in the cobra...but it's not doing me any good in there. I haven't dyno'd this engine yet...but I can tell you that it pulls strong without the I can't wait to get that back on there.


Here's the dyno of the old 306 that had basically the same combo the 331 has on it...just a few diffs. Not bad for 8-9psi and only 14 degrees of timing (total). That engine put out 465.3 rwhp and 470.8 rwtq running 24 degrees total and meth. injection. That dyno graph was on the memory card that had my other pics on it. I wish I could find it.


Andddd....just cuz I'm in a pic posting mood.....Here's the old cobra (I know, I guys have seen this pic a million times...but I lost my memory card with all my other pics):


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You'd better believe it's porno red, hahaha.

To be honest, it's not really all THAT overwhelming. I think the red steering wheel was a tad too that'll be going.

But, cover the red steering wheel with a black cover, and break up the red on the floor by using black floor mats and it's not bad at all.

Then, if you get some black seats and possibly black carpet...I think it'd look awesome.

I still can't decide whether I want black carpet or red carpet when I get my new stuff.
Porno red is awesome. There is an '07 GT down the street that is black with the porno red... the lady at the dealership was like "Yeah, we just can't sell this one because of the interior."

I was oh so close, but my next stang will be a rag top.

Nice work on not giving up!

haha, I've always kinda wanted the porno red...if nothing else just to be different.

I think I'm gonna go ahead and order the black carpet and the black seats with a black rear seat delete....I think the red will stand out a bit more, but not so much that it's overwhelming. I'm getting a list together of crap I wanna but. My goal is to have all my appearance stuff done within a year. I'm not gonna change the hood or wing or anything like ground effects either...just stock looking with 500+ to the wheels

Thanks guys
Car looks good. I think If you add black seats, you might as well go all black. Not much left to change.

As for the nitrous, once you add the RSD you can mount the bottle there. I have mine there and it makes taking the bottle out a breeze.

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I say black carpet and steer.wheel, and either black with red accent sport seats or red with black accent sport seats. Like Cobra/Sparco type sport reclining seats. Or even those two tone black and read 03 cobra 10th anv. seats that way the back also gets red accents.

Everything else leave red.