Some suspension questions...


New Member
Jan 12, 2007
I just bought a '93 Notchback and had a couple of questions about the suspension. I want the car to handle well but its my daily driver for now so I want it to be somewhat comfortable (ok maybe just tolerable). I already purchased (but did not install)...

Rear upper and lower adjustable control arms
MM subframes
MM Caster Cambers
MM Strut Tower Brace

I was going to go with the Eibach Pro's (good amount of drop but with nicer ride quality)

Here is my question. If I dont plan on going with a coil over setup, what should I do to the front end other than what I have? And If I go with a Global West Track Kit should I go with different springs (i.e. less weight springs for a nicer ride)? Or should I just go with Eibach Pro's and some adjustable KYB's and be on my way?

I'm also doing a 5-lug conversion in the very near future if that changes anything with the front set-up. Sorry for all the questions, I just dont want to waste my time/money buying the wrong setup.

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