Someone stole my rims last night!!!!!


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Apr 21, 2004
My wife left the garage open on accident last night and I walk out into the garage this morning and see my stock 98 Cobra rims with BFG tires were gone. There is no way to see them from the street because our house is raised above street level, my Expedition was in front of them and so were the garbage cans. This leads me to believe that is was someone in my neighborhood. I called the cops and filed a report. I think I will leave the garage open again tonight and hide with my SPAS 12 gauge waiting for thier ass!!! What gets me is that my golf clubs were sitting right there also and they only took the rims and tires I would think they would have tried to clean me out. I am in Elk Grove, CA near Sacramento so if anyone wants a reward and someone they know just got some "new 98 Cobra rims" then I would like to talk to them. I also took high resolution pictures of them when I first got them because I was gonna sell them on EBAY so I know where every scratch and knick are located on the rims, hopefully this will be enough for the cops to make an arrest should I find the thieves. Some people have no fu*king respect!!
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Doubt they will visit you again, at least not anytime soon. I would just keep your eyes open for ANYONE in a mustang with Cobra rims. Than lay the smack down
if they are not driving a cobra. If it's not the right guy, at least you relieved some stress!! Repeat the process til you find your rims or become stress free.
My old car was stolen......a slowmaro and it had unique rims.....the car was found stripped. Weeks later I seen a punk driving a car with my is like he stole my idea as the car looked like mine but was not and buddy followed him......he claimed he bought them at a swap meet. I should have hospitalized the punk but he swore up and down thjat he was telling the truth. I should have called the cops but I had no real proof they were mine as I bought them cash from a used tire place and figured the hassle was too much. I feel for you it just sucks when this stuff happens. At least you have pics.......they are hopefully dumb enough to use them or try to sell them. One nights mistake and it all happens........what odds? Sorry to hear that.....It is sad good people work hard to aquire nice things and some piece of **** can just come and take it for nothing. Sorry dude.
All thieves should be shot!
I feel your pain.
I had my crotch rocket stolen from a mall parking lot in broad day light, with a big old kryptonite lock on it. The creatures just picked it up and tossed it in the back of a truck.
Never to be seen again.
Your insurance (either car or home owners) should cover it right?
collect and go get the wheels you want.
I feel for you. 6 months ago I got my house burglarized and just before that I got rid of my 6 year old 100 lb pitbull that was a house pet. I keep my stang in my garage that is double locked behind a locked gate. Thinking about installing cameras in my yard and garage or some sort of alarm that will protect the garage because I have Huge amounts of dollars invested in there. On a side note. I wouldn't shoot anyone for stealing your stuff because the legal jargon will be bad and if you dont kill the person they will sue you heavily and if you do kill them you have to prove that your life was in immediate danger. Just Alarm the s h i t out of your garage. Put up beware of dog signs and get 3-4 sensor lights and keep everything locked up. I learned my lesson about thieves and I am sure you did too. Good luck bradda.