Soon To Be Mustang Owner


New Member
Jan 19, 2014
Hey everyone, im new to this forum but so far I like it! right now im the owner of a 2000 ford f150 ext cab with a 5 speed, lifted with 33s. its a fun truck but has 175k and a lot of rust. I put it up on craigslist and I have someone who wants to trade me for a 1996 mustang gt. he bought it off the original owner with 145k on it, he says its been garaged its whole life and has no rust. its a 4.6 with a 5 speed manual. it has a cold air intake, short throw shifter and a new clutch. I think im going to trade him, the first thing im going to do is tint the windows. but I was thinking cam, headers, exhaust, and maybe a programmer? what do you guys think? and what are some good cams for the 4.6. I want something fast, with a good lope. but still streetable. also heres some pictures of the car! thanks everyone
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