Spark plug question?

MY 85 GT

10 Year Member
Mar 7, 2008
New Jersey
Ok im thinking now i have a problem...the timing is set at 0 degress its just at top dead center i have a 1406 edelbrock...carb on there now i think its running way to lean.....I just bought an 1806 thunder series 650 cfm carb..i hope this helps anyways i pulled a few plugs yesterday and they were WHITE as a piece of paper...and they werent new they were pretty old so im guessing the carb is way to LEAN ? do you think thats causing the surging stumble feeling iim getting when driving normal?
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I dont want it there i just bought the car and noticed that it was surging stumbling..i checked timing it was a 0 and the carb is not the right one its running way to lean....i pulled a plug and say that it was whitre....i guess i have alot of work ahead of me the car only has 69,700 miles im guessing the person before me didnt know much about this type car...i hope i can get it running right