Speaker hole door repair.

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I don't know if I would bother to repair that. Doesn't the door panel cover it anyway?

If your stuck on fixing it, it'll be the same thing as any other sheet metal repair. You'll have to find a donor door to cut a patch out of, or try to form a piece of sheet metal to the correct shape, then weld into place.
Several years back, a buddy modified the rear interior panels on his car with some 1x4s, plywood, bondo and this spray texture bodyshops used to match the texture on some rocker panels that is painted over. After we sprayed the texture, we used some sandpaper to knock down the peaks. It matched pretty decent, but it's not perfect, it doesn't replicate the 'wormy' look of the factory embossing.

I have the same problem, except I have holes in the front and rear of the doors. Plus the holes go up where the edge raises up to the removable part of the rood panel. Currently aside from door replacement, I feel my two options both involve welding up the hole with a patch, possibly cut from a rusted out door with bad skins (I'm not looking forward to forming them up by hand) and either getting rid of the embossing throughout, or covering the doors and rear panels with vinyl/leather. I guess another option would be to use the texture I mentioned above, but redo the whole door and the rear panels with it so it all matches. I'm leaning towards eliminating the embossing.
I'm still not sure what direction I will be going in, I think trying to get rid of the texture will be too hard. I was also thinking of maybe making a small vinyl section out of some thin fiber board and just cover them. Making it follow the pattern and shape of the door panels them selves of course.

Any one have a pictures of how their's came out?
Skim coat of bondo and sand and the grain is gone.

Some previous owner between me and the numbskull that cut the holes used some factory carpeting and had it edged with some fat piping and glued them to the doors. It didn't look half bad until it rotted from the sun, it was then when I saw what had been done.