Speaker Upgrade With stock radio


May 26, 2020
Hey guys! so i’m aware speaker and radio upgrades in fox bodies have been done countless times, i had an aftermarket radio in my 88 vert and i never liked the look of it. Now i own an 89 hatchback that is a huge project that’s coming along great. Awhile ago i picked up a complete premium sound system from a 1993 vert and got an automatic tape deck radio and put it in and it sounds okay

but… i want better sound out of it, this is my daily and project car and i like my music. Anyone know of some aftermarket speakers that work with the factory 1993 premium amp and radio?
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Fri Guy

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May 10, 2007
I would think that any aftermarket speakers would work but I'm no guru in that department. I just have a cheap Kenwood bluetooth radio and some kicker speakers and it works great for my needs.


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Feb 18, 2001
The issue is the speaker Ohms. On the stock premium setup, the speakers are 6 ohms. Most if not all aftermarket speakers are 4 ohm.

They will work, but i would be hesistant to blast the radio at full volume.

I'm running Alpine doors and rear (unsure which model but within 5 years old) and Infiniti Reference 3032cfx in the dash with my 93 setup. Sounds good, i don't play at high volume
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Jul 14, 2018
My '89 has premium sound from the factory. I had 4 Infinity speakers (two 6 by 9 and two smaller door style, 4 inch I think) from an old Grand Marquis that I used to bomb around in and they all fit in the mustang. I paid a guy to install them and a Pioneer deck in place of the cassette player so I think the factory amp is hooked up to it, but not sure (the amp is still there). Sounds great, but likely any good name brand speaker would be an upgrade over the factory ones.