Speedo gear for 3550

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Jan 5, 2009
SE Michigan
OK I think you will be fine with the 23 tooth (white) that 3550 should have a 7 tooth in the transmission. I had that in mine and found that the 23 tooth were braking at the base of the teeth, it did not hurt the the inside gear but going to a smaller gear might be something to keep in mind as that combination may not last as long (from my research the 7/23 were not the best combination for mesh).

I bought a mechanical adaptor so it will read right with 4.56:1 gears. There are several sites that you can put your drive or driven gear and tire size or dia. with the rear ratio and will spit out the gear required.

Just a random search based on your information it is a 22.118 tooth which they do not make so you can go to a 23 or a 21 tooth. Looks like either way you will have a slight error.

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