Drivetrain Speedo problem

16 tooth gear here.

Looking for the 15 tooth. I’d have to imagine tons of folks have them setting in their tool boxes as they swapped from 2.73s to better gears. I still have the gear for my AOD with 2.73s.

Everything I’ve found suggests the 2.73 manual cars with the 7-tooth came with a 16 tooth gear. Let me dig a bit more
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Here’s a 16 tooth on eBay. I see plenty of them.

Cannot find a 15 tooth at all. I can find references to it in some of the classic mustang forums, but cannot find a single one for sale.

Chart doesn’t show a 15 tooth
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No its OEM. my issue is the lights on mirror will not go off. I pulled fuse awhile back. I am thinking its going to be one of the door switches needing replaced. But haven't had time to check it yet. Quick check pushing them in with door open didn't shut lights off.
The lights for the vanity mirrors on the sun visors must have the hard flap covers in place and be in good shape. There is a switch next to the mirror that is activated when the mirror is uncovered.