Speedometer Calibration


Jan 4, 2007
I recently purchased a 96 GT and the previous owner had installed aftermarket gauge faces. However, he never calibrated the speedometer. How do you go about re-calibrating the speedometer? Any help would be appreciated.
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no the car has not had gears put in it.

the the speedometer reads 4-6 miles per hour over dependding on how fast you are going. if it was the same all the way across. it would be ok. but it changes
When I did they gauges on my gt I did a couple of things to get the needles right,1st i filled up with gas and put the needle on full,then let the car get to operating temp and put the needles where they should be,basiclly straight up pointing since I think they are just fancy IDIOT lights.But for the speedo I left the bezel off and used the hidden digital gauge/diagnostic mode to get the speedo right,sorry I cant remember how to get to it,someone here will know.I just compared the needle reading to the digital reading until I got it right...took some time but it works.:nice:
Ok just read ur post more closely.....do you mean that your trip gauge is not digital?If thats true then the only other fix I would know of is have a buddy drive beside you at say 50mph...you match his speed then thats were you put the needle,or you can use one of those police radar trailers on the side of the highway to see if you got it right or not...sorry cant help you more but its methods I have used....worked for me.Good luck,hope you get this solved/fixed.
yours is a '96 GT, I have a '97 Cobra with a similar problem. I think the other fellow is refering to a newer rig. The '99 and up's are adjusted elecronically. Mine had the gears changed to 4:10's, then to 3:31's. The speedo gear at the trany tailshaft would normally be the way to change the calibration. For my cobra 19 tooth (pink) is stock. I went to change it (very easy job), but the driven gear was already 19 tooth. Anyone have any thoughts on making my speedo right. It's off about 20%(slow).