squeaking coming from tire at slow speeds...


New Member
Nov 13, 2003
Hey guys i was just recently hit/bumped buy an SUV right above my rear drivers side tire. There is a big good size dent and i buff out the marks but ever since i was hit when i take off in first gear until i get to about 10-15 mph there is an insanely loud squeaking noise. I couldn't really pinpoint the noise so i opened my door a held my head out and im almost positiive its coming from the tire area. I took of the tire and there i nothing loose or rubbing. So i have NO idea what it could be especially to only make it happen at low speeds. And it seems to get worse the more my car heats up or the more i drive.
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Active Member
Nov 2, 2005
put the rear end on blocks have someone crank car and put it in gear and apply gas as you sit next to wheel and try to pinpoint location of insanely loud squeaking noise... do you know if wheel was hit and do you have any vibration from rear while driving...