Stang running hot


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May 20, 2009
my stang started running hot late last year and haven't messed with it since. It would stay cool at idle and get warm when on the gas. It didn't do it before, (think the water pump is junk), but belt makes very little contact with water pump pulley. (I can turn the pump with my hand when the belt is connected). I can get an edelbrock water pump for $60. Should I get the water pump and a/c or p/s delete pulley. (dont have ps or ac) if so who has the best price
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If you can turn the pulley by hand while the belt is one... that's a problem. It may be running hot because it's possible that its slipping at higher speeds. Your belt has too much slack in it. Are you still using the stock tensioner?

Could be running lean. What mods do you have?
have an electric fan. that is working fine. mods are trickflow twist wedge head and intake, think I got the cam two (bought it like this) headers. Damn......just remembered that before it started doing that I put bigger injectors on there and don't have a tune yet....need to look into that.

Also with the belt......all i have is the crank, alternator, wp, and smog pump. the tensioner is closer to the alternator and goes down to the smog pump. Don't really like the set up.

tryin to put pick up. hope it works
Sorry this may be a dumb question but what is rad? and what all do i need to do to get rid of smog pump......(previous owner had the car pass cali state emissions)

o yea where would best deal for standard rotation pump?
rad = radiator

I just now realized that 5.0 isn't in a Mustang. Damn, no wonder why it just "didn't look right" lol. Yeah, tho.. looking at that pump pulley, the belt is barely touching it. Damn I didn't know it was that bad.

Smog pump, i'm not sure. Though I'm sure someone else does. IDK about standard rot pump. First time I heard of them.. sorry.
With your current belt routing, I'm almost certain that the lack of belt contact with the water pump pulley is allowing it to slip, so it's not turning the water pump as fast as it should. The best solution is to install a standard rotation water pump (clockwise) 'cause that'll have the grooved pulley you need to route the belt around the outside.
I also noticed that your heater cowl and engine bay have small leaves so you must be parking your car under a tree.
Hey guys i found a standard rotation water pump.......but I have another question.
I have read that some timing covers can only be used on certain direction water pumps. Also read that on some stangs the timing chain wont need to be changed if you put either a standard or reverse rotation pump on I have the 89 5.0 do I need to change the timing chain cover on mine if I put a standard put on there? (plz say no it would make my life easier :lol:)