Starter Problem


New Member
Dec 16, 2017
So I have a 2004 Mustang gt stock. I had a bad wheel bearing so I replaced it as well as the clutch while I was there. Once everything was buttoned up I connected the battery and the engine started to turn over without the key in the ignition. I figured the 2 wires on the starter were touching so I quickly moved one and put the battery back and it was fine. I pushed it out and doesn’t turn over. I couldn’t leave it there so I dropped the clutch to get it started to get back home. Now my buddy and I were under it a couple days ago we tried moving the wires around on the starter. The wires are on the right spot I have a picture before we took it off. But it still won’t turn on I got a new battery so I’m not sure what’s going on any help please.
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