Engine starter stuck on


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Mar 29, 2022
north jersey
My first post.
My car is a Factory five cobra with a 5.0 and 5 speed. I Just installed a Stinger Pimp ECM.The car ran great but all of a sudden it started to cut out. As I would start to pull over it would turn back on and continued to do it.When I got home I started it again and could hear the starter was still engaged. I checked some posts here and found the ignition switch problem. I pulled the switch and found the clips were loose as in the post. I figured the contacts were coming apart causing both problems.
I got a new switch and installed it, Same problem. With all the crappy Chinese parts around I tried another switch. Same thing. I checked the starter solenoid and it check OK. Since it was 30 years old, I replaced it anyway. Any Ideas?
Thanks in advance for any help.
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General karthief

wonder how much it would cost to ship you a pair
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Aug 25, 2016
polk county florida
Install the newer style two wire starter.
Make sure all the cables are good, same with the battery, low voltage (slow crank condition) from bad cables/connections cause overheating when trying to start.
Also make sure the wire on the small post at the solenoid only has power in the start position.


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Feb 19, 2018
Occasionally the old style Ford Starter relay will stick in the on position. Have to unhook the batt to stop it. Only had one in 40 years. Just get a new one.