starting the engine build

Will Smith

New Member
Aug 8, 2004
Cape Coral, FL
yep thats right... my long list of components have arrived...building the motor up today at work

-DSS Full Port Plus heads with Oversized valves, crower springs and retainers
-comp cams 270AH
-Trickflow Trackheat Intake Manifold
-holley 75mm throttle body
-MSD Blaster Coils
-BBk valve covers
-all new timing components (chains, tensioners, cassettes)
-Fidanza Cam Gears
-plus everything in my signature already....

should have the heads on today and start on the degree'ing of the the cams as per spec.

Lets see some RWHP guesses...........
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well i've had the motor out since last friday... go the heads on today and the cams dropped in.. waiting for the spacers for behind the cam sprockets to come in tomorrow so i can time the motor and degree the cams in...hopefully have it running by this weekend....
I'am in the process of getting my heads ported, valve job, and a set of flat top pistons notched for my comp 278's. Everybody talks about degreeing cams. How much are you degrees yours and are you just using the degrees on the cam gears or are you using degree wheel on them.
well i am using first of all a dial indicator to find top dead center on cyl #1 and #6. taking eaxact care to make sure the timing wheel on the crank is lined up with 0deg at this point to make "true" TDC. Then in a process of using a dial indication on the spring retainers and finding the intake centerline on cyl #1 and #6 respectively for each bank.... comp cams has a very good installation guide on their site to doing far as what am i using... im using a degree wheel on the crank to find true TDC and using adjustable cam gears to adjust the intake centerline as needed... intake centerline measurments should be listed on ur grind card that came with the cams
by the way the car made 251rwhp with just cold air intake and catback...motor is either .20 or .30 over already. i think 304 is low lol....

but any who... no pics... got the cam covers on today, oil pan on, all the accessories, motor is in the car, trans and drive shaft in, exhaust in, most of the wiring harness hooked up... just have the intake to do on monday and its time to fire the beast up....