Steeda Tri-Ax...What's wrong with this picture?


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May 9, 2000
Kenmore, WA
So it's "slightly" used...nice looking part, but what's wrong with this photo???
<img src=>

Scroll down for the answer...

So I'm driving home tonight and on the 2-3 shift, it feels like it pops out of gear, so I step in on the clutch, and move the stick to where 3rd is supposed to be and there's nothing but mush. I look for 4th, nothing. I'd be happy to find anything by this time. I'm coasting on the freeway onramp and at this point and I'm rowing the shifter in all directions like Tom Cruise in Top Gun, fighting to control his F-14 when it lost power. Long story short (too late) I'm glad I kept the stock part and I knew exactly where it was.

Has anyone else had their Tri-Ax break?

<img src=>
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id give them a holler. they might get ya a new one. ive never seen that and dont think it should happen. did you get it new? manufacturing defect? if not, the trannies are a lot stronger than we give them credit for. LOL.
Hey that's a good idea guys! I just talked to Steeda. The guy on the phone was as surprised as everyone here. They want me to send the shifter back to them so they can look at it. He said that they will replace the broken part. I'll get it off to them tomorrow and I'll keep you guys posted.
maverick0716 said:
The old handles are known to break, but they fixed that after they started putting forged handles in them.

Funny you mentioned that. My Tri-Ax broke with the ALUMINUM handle, not the forged one. I was always thought the handle was the weakest link.
that's cool Steeda is taking care of it. Honestly though, nothing against the Tri-Ax, but I gotta say I love my Pro 5.0. Course part of that reason is because it's shifting a Viper T56, but still Pro 5.0s are great.
I personally don't even like the Steeda Tri-Ax, and as a matter of fact, I just took it off and put the stock one back on. So much more comfortable, smoother and nicer to shift.
The only thing the steeda one served for was for the track, and I barely go, and its definitly not something I like on while driving every day, specially when in the middle of the day some of the streets here are stop and go traffic