Steeda's Return Policy- 20% Re-Stocking Fee


May 7, 2010
Atlanta, Georgia
I ordered some Steeda Ultra-Lite Springs from Steeda the week before Christmas. I changed my mind about keeping them and installing so I went to Steeda's website to find out what their return policy is but could not find it anywhere. I "googled" Steeda Return policy but still no luck.

So I talked to Frank at Steeda Sales and he informed me of the new+unopened+within 30 days= 20% re-stocking fee. I was disappointed because on this $270 purcahse I would get back only $216 less shipping for return. This may be the norm with other aftermarket Mustang retailers as well. Dunno. I simply wanted to post this so other buyers can be aware of the return policy at Steeda.

I eventually found their return policy listed below but only with some help from Frank on where to find it on the website as it is not readily visible or under a link named "Returns or Refunds". Hope this keeps other potential customers informed! :flag:
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