Steering Column Diagram


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Oct 10, 2001
Western Mass
Does anyone happen to have a steering column diagram for a '65? I need to replace a wheel and want to ensure I get all the steering wheel and horn parts in there.
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Not much to it, really. The turn signal switch / horn contacts are attached to the top end of the column, and will stay there when you pull the wheel. There should be a strong spring on the column just under the wheel, which holds a forcing cone in the upper shaft bearing. These bits need to be there. Don't remove them when you swap the wheels. Shooting a bit of lithium grease into the bearing wouldn't hurt, though. Make sure you get the wheel on the shaft straight. There is a line | showing the top of the shaft when straight.
Got the car with no wheel at all on it (just the post sticking up). I think it had an aftermarket wheel on it. Need to figure out all the parts I have to round up to put a wheel back on there.
go to National Parts Depot on line catalog at www.national parts depot .com and look in the steering section, they have an excellent exploded view. I was just their and went through the same thing. Parts: turnsignal switch with horn contacts, upper bearing, sleave, and spring. If the sfter market wheel is a Grant they also have the install kit you will need. Word of advice, the wire collors do not match the color codes in the car. I just completed this exact task Tues. Night and got the wiring correct the first time. If you need assistance contact me. [email protected]