Steering shaft


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May 7, 2010
I have a lot of play in the top u-joint , not the rag joint....Should I go with aftermarket or just try to find a good used one on ebay....Looks like a pain to remove....any suggestions....Thanks
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go with an aftermarket steering shaft. Id go with the MM solid steering shaft assembly. Its quite an upgrade over stock. "Other aftermarket steering shaft assemblies have their U-joints secured to the steering shaft with small
setscrews. These setscrews protrude out from the
U-joints. It is not unusual for the end of a setscrew to
hit a tube of an aftermarket header.... The MM Engineering Team designed a new steering shaft that does not use setscrews. That’s right, no
setscrews! Instead, we secure the U-joints by
welding them to the shafts. We attach the steering
shaft assembly to the steering rack with a pinch-bolt,
just like Ford did with the stock steering shaft assembly.
An added bonus with the MM Steering Shaft
is the addition of a telescoping center portion to the
assembly. This collapsible section eases installation,
improves fitment with aftermarket k-members,
and improves safety in the event of an accident."

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