Stillllllll cant decide. which makes more power?

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The 1 or 2 hp that the prochamber would give you would really be negated by how much more it weighs than an x pipe. IMO I would just go with whichever one you think sounds the best, that's why I chose the prochamber!
yea i guess the ONLY thing thats holdin me back is that i can get a stainless x pipe for the same as the prochamber. ive had my prochamber now for a year and a month, and the black coating still looks good, but how long will that last?
The Pro-chamber is different than an h pipe as it has a 8 x 8 chamber that the exhaust goes into before exiting the pipe. Of course MAC claims it's better than either an x or an h and I've seem dyno tests in magazines that support that but the difference would be very small. Go by the sound-deep-then prochamber,higher pitched-then x pipe.
Red2000GT is on the right track. It's neither an H or X pipe. If you look at the ProChamber Diagrams, the front 2 parts of the exhaust piping simply enter a square chamber, then the back to pieces exit the chamber and connect to the cat back system.

| | | |
| | | |
\ \ / /


| |
| |


/ / \ \
| | | |
| | | |

crude, I know but, just imagine it like this but assembled.
would the x be raspy at high rpm? how would it sound idleing with the cams? (high pitch or the same)

im sorry for bein picky.. but i hate doing things and not being satisfied

and if u liked both sounds the same, would u go with the stainless or the dura black steel? thanks sn
a prochamber is basically a 2 in / 2 out box that the exhaust pulses do the work of both an x-pipe and a h-pipe before getting shot out the other side.

im with everyone else, get whatever you like that sounds best. and yes, x-pipes are a little more of a raspy/exotic sound to them, whereas h-pipes give a low deep rumble.
When it comes to exhaust, go with what your ears tells you and not the 1-2hp gains. :p Oh, and quality of pieces helps too.

From what I found, prochambers tend to be popcorn machines on a hard decel. Am I wrong in this assumption?
ok, so from a quality standpoint which would be better? im really at a loss cause i havent heard the x pipe setup, but other x pipes sound good. its startin to get warmer out (i hope for good),, and im smellin the LT install pretty soon