Stock 98 GT Conv 5-speed 1/8 times??


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Apr 4, 2005
Hey all, has anyone got a timeslip of what they did in the 1/8 mile (yes, 1/8, I don't have a 1/4 mile close by) with a stock '96-'98 NPI GT Conv 5-speed?

I have a MAC o/r h-pipe with the Flowmaster American Thunder, but I don't know if that really helps me THAT much. The car has the optional 3.27 gears from the factory.

I have a guy with a 4-door hemi truck that has done the exhaust, superchip, K&N and insists he will beat me in the 1/8th.

I consider myself a pretty good driver, and would like to have an idea where I should be timewise when running. I probably won't go till the end of next month.

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droptopponynj said:

Yes, I know it seems like I am beating a dead horse. But I DID do a search and could not find a very good time for a stock NPI, just modded ones.

BTW - what does yours do with the VT Stage II heads? I have been thinking of doing the PI swap soon, but if it's worth the extra money since the heads are already off, I may go with aftermarket.
your car will run @15.0 in the 1/4..don't know the 1/8 conversion.
I have never ran the car with the VT heads/cams..I know that when i did the stock PI swap it had to knock a second of the times...i'm in the middle of rebuilding my block and adding a blower so those Pickup trucks don't give me any crap :)
donsbad68 said:
10.0 @ 74 is what you will run and my roomates 05 quad cab hemi run's 9.86 with exhaust, programmer and tires.

9.86 is exactly what the guy I know ran with his hemi! Man, I better do a little work before I go. Anything fairly cheap I can do? Would a CAI help at all or would I be wasting my money? I could take it down and have 3.73's put in it. Would that increase my time that much?

I am really hoping my next mod will be the heads and intake, but that will have to wait a couple months.

BTW - last time I went I took my '03 Kawasaki Z1000 and ran a 6.94 @ 104. Man, that felt fast!