Strange Window Arm Piece?


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Mar 15, 2010
Gulfport, MS
I am attempting to fix my window (in an '02 Coupe) and am not sure what I'm doing... I closed the door one day, heard a clang, now my window will not move up and down anymore unless I do it manually. The motor still whirs but nothing from the window.

So this afternoon I took the door panel off and found the culprit laying loose in the bottom of the door. This piece:


I ran my hand in and found the motor, but nothing is connected to the spinning knob. I guess this piece of metal will hook to that knob, but I don't see how.

Any ideas? I appreciate the help!
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Kilgore Trout

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Mar 30, 2005
Really? Well what did you do to fix the problem? Is it something I can fix with the existing parts or buy a new one?
That piece you are holding is spot welded and the weld has failed. Perhaps you could re-weld it if you have the tools and skills.

What I did was get a new window regulator at the Ford parts counter, also got special rivets from the parts counter, and got a giant rivet gun from Harbor Freight. Using the Haynes manual, did the repair was not hard but did require thought, care, and time. After you do this work you will have a great understanding of how to adjust or replace the window glass so I think it is worth doing.