Stripping Paint


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Jun 30, 2004
I started stripping my 67 down tonight. The previous owner put a coat of primer over the original paint plus a coat of black spray paint. I'm using a razor blade and some aircraft stripper but it's still going super slow. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanx
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I am doing the same project but instead of stripping the first few coats I an using a razor blade scraper and literally scraping the first 2-3 layers of paint off. Give it a try. I actually started with a new wood chisel and now I am using a the razor for the tight spots. The paint job on the car was soo cheap that they did not even bother to take the licence plate off the car when they painted it.
Whatever way you choose to start the project- DO ONE BODY PANEL AT A TIME. Otherwise you will get so frustrated becuse you will not know where to begin.
That's what I'm doing on my 69/351C..all of the above. Using the aircraft stripper, wire brush with an angle grinder, 60 and 80 grit sanding discs. Have the hood and deck lid done. Now I'm working on the roof. I've got the original factory blue paint, a second coat of a lighter blue, heavy primer and a real heavy coat of red. Just glad I'm in no big rush to finish.
Today at work i stripped a hood for an old chevy truck. I used a stripping wheel. It's like made of all plastic pieces that are melted together. It makes a nice clean surface. And YES you can use an angle grinder on the outside of your car. You just have to know what you are doing and then you have to work yiur way down the grit when sand it.
heh, about a month ago I was in the same boat as you.... thought it would never end..... a little over a month later here I am and it hasnt ended (working on it 6hrs a day and 7days a week). I'm using a little bit of every thing so that it cuts down on the monotonay..sandblasting, chemical stripping/razor, wirewheel and angle grinder, and even some hand sanding....then again I am stripping every bit of metal on the car (floorboards top and bottom, underside of roof, trunk, all the front fender structure)... hopefully next friday I will be finished... then again I said I would be finished last friday and tomorrow too... and I wont, I think the thing to keep in mind when stripping as obvious as it might sound is that the paint you get off the car is just that.... off the car, so no matter how slowly things seem to go you are certain to finish at some point and it'll be worth it that you didnt just get lazy and paint over old stuff