Strut Rod Nut?


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Mar 31, 2010
Does anyone know the the thread pitch for this bolt? I lost mine and the dealer does not sell them by themselves without buying the $90 strut which I don't want to do.

Much thanks for any info you have:shrug:
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If you are talking about that big nut in the center of the mount you are not going to be able to torque it down with a regular wrench and socket. The strut rod is going to turn continuiosly as soon as the plastic on the locking nut hits the strut rod threads. Unless you find a wrench that can go in a deep spot you are going to have to remove the spring/strut assembly.
He's talking about the nut not the bolt and it's going to have to be installed down once he gets it. If that still doesn't make sense go out to your car and see if you can get it off any other way.
I know how to install struts :rolleyes: I was a mech for a couple years... I understand now that you were just jumping ahead to his next possible question of how to get them on, but if he got them off then I would assume that he knew he had to 'hold' the strut as he was loosening the nut.

Your response just didn't make sense to his specific question of what the size and thread pitch were on the nut and where to find one...

Good looking out though
Are you talking about the big nut that goes on the big strut rod? I just put new Konis on my car. I would be glad to send you one, or both of my old ones. PM me and I'll mail them to you.

Sorry, I think I mis-understood the question. My bad.