Stupid Question: 94-98 Headlight adjustment?

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Jan 26, 2002
Doha, Qatar
I assume it usses the same mounting and adjusting brackets... if so there are three bolt looking like things sticking out the back. Two on the outter side of the headlight, and one hidden closser to the running horse in the center of your car. The two on the outter side are for up and down, while the one on the inner side by the horse is for your left and right adjustment.

Reffer to this thread for actually adjustment procedures:



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Mar 31, 2002
Southern LA
If you look towards your parking light, there will be one nut holding in each lamp. Take these off and then pop out your parking lights. You will then see (now that the side lights are hanging off) a screw that will adjust the vertical position of the lights. The bolts on the back of the headlight are to hold it onto its little "cradle". This screw on the outside of each light moves the whole "cradle" and the light will go up or down depending on which way you turn the screw. I was wondering about this a couple of months ago and after I took off my side lights, I found that screw and fixed mine. :nice:
I've adjusted mine the same way as Rio described as well, but witout removing the parking light assembly. Use a flashlight to find the phillips head of the adjusting screw and a properly sized screw driver and you should be o.k. This screw only adjusts the beam up and down; if you need side to side adjustment you're going to have to turn the screws on the back of the headlight cradle.


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Jun 21, 2002
I know the bolt between the headlight and marker light is adjusted by a regular phillips-head schrewdriver, but what tool do you use to adjust the other two bolts? They look like they have a hex end on them, but it's really thin.