subframe connectors on vert?

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There are no "stock" subframe connectors on a vert. There are riveted on braces that connect the subframe to the rocker, but nothing that directly connects the front and rear subframes.

When I had my full length SFCs put on the riveted on braces were removed. Some guys weld them back in or modify them to fit again. I told them to just toss them when they put the SFCs on. Been on there for several years and no problems.
thats funny, I am doing it right I have everything from engine back to off, repairing any rust damage and then I am going to use por-15 I bought a gallon of it while back plus whole bunch of cleaner. my car will look like ashow car when I am done should be around a month I will post some pics.
I remember that thread. It will be in a museum 1000 years from now when it gets unburied from the earth still covered in grease
I didn't have to remove anything to put mine in. Although not anywhere near show quality here's what they looked like installed on my 90 vert.

Sorry for the fuzzy cell phone pic. And the overspray is just from painting the welds.
FWIW, I am installing MM full legnths along with Kenny brown jacking rails and matrix brace. So, those pos standard braces will be gone. At least the front part.

Another thing i plan on doing is welding the seems on the front subframes that travel up toward the cowl along with the rear torque boxes.

I don't plan on putting in a cage, so i am taking extra steps to stiffen it up.