subframe connectors where do i weld them?

I bought a pair of bbk bolt on subframe connectors w/ seat support brackets,went to bolt them on today and decided it would be easier and better to just weld them on. now my ?is do i just need to weld arround the end or should i weld all the waydown both parts of the subframe?
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Nov 29, 1999
Like mo dingo said, at the ends. Personally, I'm going to weld mine at every possible point, with one long, continuous bead. I don't ever plan on taking them off once they're on, and if I really wanted to, I'll just go through several grinding wheels to do it. The more welds, the more they'll stiffen the unibody in theory, although I haven't seen anything that says anything either way. Just weld them, instead of bolting them in, for a much stiffer chassis.