Subframes or Shifter?


New Member
Nov 22, 2003
Odessa Tx
Next friday I get my first paycheck for full time, so after I put away enough for this months car payment I've got enough to blow to get the car tinted amd buy either the Steeda full length subframes or a Steeda Tri-ax. I'm kind of leaning towards the Subframes just to get them on and keep the body from sagging down the road.

Which would you get first? And is there anything I should know about the subframe install besides making sure they put it up with the weight on the tires?
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Shifter if you have just enough money
Subframes if you have a lil excess, b/c I would recommend getting quality full length subframes from Maximum Motorsports or Global West.
Shifter ASAP.

Less chance of you hurting your transmission while shifting hard. Subframes are great, had them on my 99 and plan to get them again for my 02, but I'd definately do the shifter. Makes it feel like a new car for a few days.
Shifter feels nice, but I went 2 years with out it and could honestly stay with the stock shifter just fine. The subframes on the other hand really made a difference in the handling, especially on rough roads. Get the full length subs
I say shifter cause it's something u can do yourself with some simple tools and it only takes an hour or so if it's your first time. Subframes are a little more involved and you're most likely gonna have to pay somebody to do it for you. But both are a must I think on any performance Mustang.
shifter. install yourself. shifter will improve your confidence. IMO if the car is basically stock, you don't really need subframe connectors, unless you competitivly auto cross or do track days.