Subs for 2000 Convertible

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Some of the better subs are... IMO JL, MTX, Kicker, and some Fosgates. I personally run the mid- high end MTX's (great bang for your buck) and make sure to feed them with plenty of power. 1 10" will give you some bass, the 'verts are harder to get volume out of as a coupe acts more loke an enclosure for the sound waves.
i have one dual 10 in mine hooked to a pioneer 800 watt amp and its plenty loud enough sounds great. wally world has the dual 10 that comes with a ported box for around 100 bucks if you dont wanna spend alot. i have two kicker 12s and a amp id sell u cheap if you want they 6 months old
I run Rockford Fosgate too, two Power series T1 10s off a T1500-1bd for my low bass. Rockfords work great and the warranty on them is awesome in case anything ever happens to them. Their P1s sound really good, are cheap, and you won't have to make a bunch of electrical upgrades to run them. I have two P1s in my doors and the sound with my T1s off is still amazing.
Figured I'd bump this one up. I am going to rip out the Mach 460 system in my 01 vert, and replace with an Eclipse AVN head unit. Will be scrapping the amps, speakers etc and go all after market.

Looking at running a single 10" or 12" sub so I can do a small box- anyone mount a sub under the top compartment, or to the side- there is no trunk space as it is, which is why I dont want a big box in there- thanks in advance