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Mar 30, 2005
Hey guys,

Being a proud owner of a Mustang myself, I'm trying to get my friend to get herself one as well. She went to the dealership and the saleguy was telling her to get a v6 2004 40th edition convertible. I was rooting for the 2005 v6. So far the only thing he said about the two cars was that the 2004 is going to be cheaper for her. Can some of the experts here give a couple of comparisions for her please? Thanks.
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Personal preference. The 05 has a better chassis platform and stronger engine. I prefer the apperance over the 05, some consider it fugly... :) ...

The 05 V-6 handles, accelerates and stops better than any Stang I have owned (on #3 - 98 V-6 and 03 V-8 history - HP/TQ figures were higher than this V-6, but the 5 speed AOD is smooth and quick to shift. It is IMO better than my 03 was!!).... The 3 link rear axle architecture is a far cry above the SN-95. Reverse L-Control Arms provide a solid smooth controlled ride quality.

It really depends on what her income dictates, unless she is paying cash and if she can handle a few growing pains in the vehicle model.

Good Luck

Tell her to test drive them and then buy the one she wants. Tell the salesman to shutup and let her decide what she wants.

However, keep these things in mind:
- There is probably a bonus attached to the older car. They need to move it before it is considered 'used'.

- How long is she planning on keeping the car? The resale on the '05 will be better for 2 reasons: 1) It is a newer design 2) The '04 is ALWAYS gonna be an '04 in the books.

- The '05 is probably safer.