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Dec 30, 2004
Hey people.... I've decided that I will be removing all the stereo equipment finally from my car. I just don't need it. The deck has been out for two years and I don't mind. The only reason the speakers are still in is to not have big gaping holes in the panels. I'm going to buy new kick panels for the front.. .but the back is different. The 6x9's were put into the kick hatch. So I have great big holes in there. I do NOT have fab skills to weld in and finish new metal... and I don't see anybody selling new doors (I bet they ain't cheap!!). Does anyone have any suggestions to cover these holes up? Thanks!
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Ok..this is gonna sound ghetto and I know it, but before I bought a welder, I did worse things! JB Weld sheetmetal over the holes. You don't wanna buy a new trapdoor/whatever it is. E-X-spensive!
Well it's not too harsh.... it would be worse to leave the holes there by themselves I figured. Plus the smell of gas would come thru easier. I did buy myself a nice pop rivet tool... maybe I'll come up with a sheetmetal cover of some sorts. Heck... it's at least least lighter than the speakers by a couple pounds... ha ha.